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You work hard to create and provide premium content. We work hard to make sure everyone can enjoy it.

Actiview works with studios, distributors, and content creators to ensure entertainment is inclusive and accessible for everyone.

Actiview supports a range of accessibility solutions that easily and seamlessly sync with diverse needs, lifestyles, and preferences so all movie lovers can enjoy watching their favorite films in theaters and at home.

Actiview App Accessibility Offerings





Amplified Audio

Increased volume for the Hard of Hearing

Audio Description

A description of the visuals for the Blind / Low Vision

Audio Dubs

An audible translation of the dialogue for people who speak a Foreign Language

Closed Captioning

Subtitles of the dialogue and key sounds for the Deaf / Hard of Hearing

Sign Language

Video interpretation of the dialogue, great for children who are Deaf


Written translations of the movie dialogue for people who speak a Foreign Language

How it Works


You, the Creator

Simply send Actiview the already produced accessibility tracks for new releases or archival content. We can work with almost any format and never need the movie itself.



Accessibility tracks are stored within our industry-approved encrypted Cloud. You will be given private access for Quality Assurance.



Once approved and launched, users can access services on their mobile device while watching your movies in the theater or at home.

Simple, Seamless Solution

The Actiview app seamlessly integrates with existing studio-produced accessibility content. The integration is simple, secure, and compliant. We collaborate closely with you to ensure all requirements are met in a timely manner. We are used to quick releases and tight timelines, and are happy to work with existing production schedules.

What Our Partners Have To Say

Nicole Grindle

Pixar Producer

“We made this movie for everyone to enjoy and this technology certainly allows that.”

Isaac Lovelace

Deluxe Content Services

"A+ effort from the creators for being able to offer so much so soon."

Ken Agni

Prospector Theater

Because we employ people with disabilties, we really are top notch in disability accomodation. We hope that this Actiview technology can be made available on a nationwide scale.

Featured Films

Ant-Man and The Wasp


Incredibles 2




Your Next Release


Let’s get started

All films and content should be accessible for everyone. Contact us to start offering inclusive accessibility solutions for your theatrical releases and library of home titles.

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