Accessibility Benefits Everyone

Uniting the needs of users with the goals of studios.

What Is Actiview?

Actiview brings accessibility to your movies and shows directly to the consumer. Without accessibility services, studios are missing out on millions of potential customers.

Two iPhone 7's showing views of Actiview's app

Did You Know?

In the U.S.A. alone, there are more than:

1 Million

Blind & Low Vision

10 Million

Hard of Hearing & Deaf

30 Million

Foreign Language Speakers

That’s a lot of subscriptions, ticket sales, and fans!

What Does This Mean?

With Actiview, studio productions become accessible, bringing

40+ Million

potential new customers.

How It Works

Icon of a film reel

You, the Studio

Just send Actiview the accessibility tracks. We can work with almost any format. We never need the movie itself.

Icon of a cloud with a lock in the center

Actiview’s Cloud

Your data is safe with us! Security is our priority. Once you’ve sent the media to Actiview, it’ll be secured within our encrypted Cloud. You’ll be given private access for Quality Assurance.

Icon of a cell phone

User’s Phone

Once our team has received your approval of the tracks, we allow users to use the services on their phone for anytime and anywhere service, staying encrypted at rest throughout the whole process.

What You Get

  • Easy Uploads

  • Free AES 256 Encrypted Storage

  • In-Studio Testing/Quality Control

  • Studio Controlled Release

  • Stats/Analytics

  • Version Management

Anytime, anywhere.

By using Actiview, you’ll gain new and loyal viewers buying tickets at theaters or renting, streaming and buying at home.

  • “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing this app through my iPhone. God bless! :)”


  • “Thanks for such a wonderful app. I love audio description and I’m so glad a company is finally coming up with a solution for our smartphones to access audio description. “


  • “Thank you on behalf of many other families who are probably feeling the same as I am. There’s nothing better than seeing your child happy in an environment everyone should be able to enjoy – even the blind.”


  • “I am an assistive technology instructor and trainer and many of my students are iPhone users. I will spread the word! Great app and I wish you and your team the best.”


  • “Me and my friends wouldn’t know what we would do without you! Thanks so very much.”


  • “We have just been to the movies and it worked perfectly. Blake really enjoyed the movie with the audio description. Thank you for developing this, it is fantastic for Blake. “


  • “There is nothing else out there like Actiview. It’s one thing to watch movies with description or captions on your own, but being able to watch with friends and family is a huge leap forward for equity in entertainment. I can’t wait until custom accessibility settings become the new standard.”


Interested in Expanding your Viewer-base?

We’re here to work with you to make the experience accessible for everyone. Just send us an e-mail or give us a call.